Following one of the most intense political seasons in recent memory, Baker Sound has been engaged in a variety of exciting projects throughout the holiday season and into the New Year.

Production company A More Perfect Union marched a small army of actors into Baker’s studios to record dramatic readings for their upcoming Pennsylvania Civil War Road Show, a traveling exhibition that kicks off its statewide tour of Pennsylvania in April of this year. The show uses multimedia technology to bring the stories and images of Civil War-era Pennsylvanians to life. Over the next four years the show will make stops in every county in Pennsylvania, reminding visitors of the uniquely important role that the state and its residents played in the Civil War. Baker Sound is proud to have been part of the production team that is making this historic exhibition possible.

In advertising news, Caspari McCormick turned up the volume, producing spots for CarSense, Mealey’s Furniture, and Jefferson Hospital. In an inspired move, Caspari pressed the traditional drill sergeant’s call-and-response into service to announce Jefferson’s new presence at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Baker’s MONSTER TRACKS music division was tasked to arrange the familiar Jefferson music theme for military band, providing the appropriate mood and marching cadence. Click here to listen. Composer Chuck Butler also produced a quirky, contemporary arrangement of the Jefferson theme for a new TV spot announcing Jefferson’s “Mobile Website” for smartphones.

In other ad news, Disney was in to record an animated character voice for use on their Playhouse Disney website, and local voice talent Gary Bridges continued his work voicing Disney’s national TV spots. Price Communications brightened our day with their radio campaign for Sun National Bank, while Brown Partners kept the lights on with a new spot for PECO. The Mendoza Group used our smoke-free studios to produce “Smoke Free Philly” radio spots in Spanish for the Pennsylvania Department of Health. And Agency 51 Creative Director David Witz brought his considerable creative talent to bear on new radio for Cox Communications.

In other production news, NHNZ was back to record paleontologist Dr. Phil Manning for an episode of The Bone Zone/Jurassic CSI to air on National Geographic Channel. Actor Terrance Howard stopped by to replace some dialog for an upcoming episode Law & Order: Los Angeles. Our upstairs neighbors at Visual Innovations came down to sweeten and mix a video highlighting Comcast’s efforts to assist during last year’s disastrous flood in Nashville. And “Video Dan” Stephenson brought former WIP broadcaster Steve Martorano in to narrate the Phillies upcoming 2010 Video Yearbook, Great Expectations.

Finally, we’d like to extend our congratulations to writer Michael Bense and the rest of the production team that was recently honored with a Radio Mercury Award for their work on B101’s “Woodpecker” spot, recorded here at Baker Sound. Also, kudos go out to political advertising producers Something Else Strategies and MONSTER TRACKS composer Chuck Butler, whose final spot for Marco Rubio’s senate campaign in Florida was cited by The Washington Post as one of the best political ads of the 2010 election cycle.

We hope that all of you enjoyed the holiday season and wish you health and success in the New Year! Special thanks to those of you who sent goodies—they were much appreciated and enjoyed.

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