We're passionate about radio at Baker Sound. We believe that memorable radio ads happen when a great script is brought to life by top-notch voice talent and stellar production. And we take great pride in the fact that so many of the spots produced here over the years have garnered national and local awards.

At Baker Sound, all the tools you need to create dynamic radio spots are right at your fingertips. From our VoiceLink casting service, to our enormous catalog of library music and sound effects, to our award-winning MONSTER TRACKS custom music division, we've got the elements and the experience to bring any spot to life.

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From its inception, Baker Sound has been focused on voice recording. Selecting the right voice talent is critical to the success of your production, and we encourage clients to draw upon our experience when choosing voices for an upcoming session.

Use the SCRIPT link below to request talent recommendations. You are also invited to browse our VOICELINK talent database. VOICELINK allows you to audition talent handpicked by Baker's engineers for quality, experience, directability, and professionalism. You can also use VOICELINK to request pricing information for the voices you select.

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For more than three decades, top political production companies have turned to Baker Sound for their radio and television audio production needs. From local races to national campaigns, including work for major candidates in each of the last six presidential election cycles, our ability to provide high-quality voice recording, radio production, sound design, mix-to-picture, and award-wining custom music quickly and affordably has earned our team the trust of political consultants on both sides of the aisle and across the country.

We know political advertising--we speak your language--and would love to work on your next campaign. Whether you're producing positive or negative ads for candidates or PACs, our facility has the resources and experience to make your productions sound better . . . and your life a little less stressful.

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Whether you're posting a feature film, television show, corporate video, or a spot for broadcast or web distribution, we believe that a great soundtrack is essential to bring your pictures to life. We'll apply the same care and effort that was taken in creating the visuals for your program to every aspect of the audio production process.

From world class voice talent, to our enormous catalog of library music and sound effects, to our award-winning MONSTER TRACKS custom music service, we have the tools and experience to take your production to the next level.

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Due to envionmental factors or technical difficulties, dialog recorded on set or on location is sometimes unusable in final production. In a typical ADR ("Automated" dialog replacement) session, actors rerecord corrupt or unintelligible lines in the studio, typically matching their delivery to their original on-camera performance.

Our engineers have more than twenty years of experience with the unique requirements of ADR work. As always, our goal is to make the technology transparent, and to create an environment in which actors can feel comfortable as they reenter the headspace of their characters. We have handled complex ADR sessions, often while synced to timecode via ISDN with studios in Los Angeles and other remote production centers, for numerous feature films from clients including Sony Pictures, Disney, Paramount, Warner Brothers, HBO, and the major television networks.

See our FAQ page for video specs.


ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) makes it possible to establish high quality, realtime digital audio connections between recording facilities worldwide. We use this technology on a daily basis to make voice talent around the world available to producers working at our facility, and to make local talent available to producers in remote markets.

As always, our goal is to ensure that our ISDN sessions run smoothly and that you're able to interact with remote voice talent as easily as if they were right here in our studios. Please contact General Manager Ellen Kancher for connection details and pricing information.

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Baker Sound has extensive experience in producing specialized programming for the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, our engineers are familiar with the key concepts and terms that typically appear in programming for healthcare pforessionals and patients.

Our range of services includes in-studio or remote roundtable discussions among doctors and/or industry reps, audio programming for delivery to healthcare professionals and patients, voice recording for web and CD-ROM programming, and educational programming for industry professionals and students. Whatever your programming needs, rest assured that Baker Sound speaks your language.


Baker Sound has recorded dozens of audiobooks by bestselling authors including Lisa Scottoline, Michael Crichton, C.S. Lakin, William Kent Krueger and others. Many of these recordings have gone on to garner top industry awards and achieve widepread commercial success.

Our goal is to make the author and/or professional narrator comfortable by creating a relaxed and supportive environment in which the technology is transparent. As one author put it, "Baker makes me feel like I'm recording at home." Recording an audiobook can take a number of days, so our engineers seek to make that time as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. And because our studios are designed for voice recording, we are able to achieve an intimate sound that makes editing a breeze and listening a pleasure.

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Our award-winning MONSTER TRACKS division has produced original music for advertising, TV, film, and corporate productions. From our first jingle for local retailer Wick's Ski & Sport in 1987, to national ads for Alpo,Colonial Penn, Dodge, and Nutrisystem, to political campaigns for candidates including Governor Ed Rendell, Presidet George W. Bush, Mayor Michael Nutter, and Senator Marco Rubio, to instrumental themes that have been featured on Oprah, The Today Show, Top Ten Travel, and Food Crazy, MONSTER TRACKS has delivered custom music on time and on budget for nearly three decades.

When you need music that is perfectly fit to your production and that you can truly call your own, MONSTER TRACKS makes the process easy and affordable.

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