Our largest studio features a spacious control room and comfortable client area. The recording booth can easily accomodate four voices on mic, and can be set up for roundtable discussion. Home of our MONSTER TRACKS Music Division, Studio A is equipped with ProTools HD, Digital Performer, a wide range of high-end audio plug-ins, and an eclectic mix of modern and vintage hardware. Perfect for radio production, mix-to-picture, ISDN recording, ADR, and sound design work.
Our "middle" studio offers the perfect balance between producer-engineer interaction and client comfort. The booth can accomodate two voices on mic, and is perfect for audiobook recording where isolation and minimal room acoustics are preferred. Equipped with ProTools HD and a healthy compliment of plug-ins, Studio B enables you to complete radio, mix-to-picture, ADR, ISDN, audiobook, and corporate projects in a relaxed environment.
Our third studio was designed with "hands-on" producers and unsupervised recording in mind. The booth can accomodate 2-3 voices on mic, but its minimal acoustics make it an excellent space for narrations, ISDN sessions, and audiobook recording. With ProTools HD and a large selection of plug-ins, Studio C is equipped to handle sessions from simple voice recording and editing to mix-to-picture.
At Baker Sound, we strive to provide a recording environment that is comfortable and relaxing. From our reception area, to our client lounge, to our treat-stocked kitchen and bar, our goal is to make working at Baker feel like working from home. Our facility is also a unique historic space, and at every turn you'll find features and appointments that reflect that tradition.
All of the hardware and software we use at Baker Sound has been selected with the specific needs of our clients in mind. Please contact us for information beyond the essentials mentioned above.